Clear the Blear: Neck & Shoulders Version

Mind-Body Wellness @ the Computer

Course Summary

Learn mind-body posture techniques for neck, upper back, shoulders and head. Great if you sit all day, especially at a computer.  You will come away with a solid understanding of the posture in these areas, plus  techniques  for relieving tension and discomfort without so much as leaving your desk. Scroll down to see exactly what's included.

Course Curriculum

I had been dealing with chronic tension headaches, and it was knocking me out by the end of the day. I tried various fixes, but nothing worked to relieve the pain - until I tried this program. I now have about 85% of this pain under control.

Chantel Soumis
Stardust Creative

After a particularly challenging shoulder injury, my physical therapist recommended some ergonomics assist. Anne's program gave me valid info about body alignment for the office. I especially love the small, practical exercises, which have helped reduce my pain long term. I'm now able to monitor and correct my painful posture habits on my own.  

Miriam Hall

I highly recommend Anne for any office worker's ergonomic needs. I attended a workstation workshop of hers that provided many useful tips for improving office posture. Her tip on letting the upper arms hang straight down has greatly reduced tension in my upper back and shoulders. 

 Max Turner
Process Improvement Specialist