Don't Be A Slouch TTT

Healthy Sitting Posture in 5 Days

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    <P ALIGN="CENTER">TENSION RELIEVING. POSTURE IMPROVING!</P> <P ALIGN="CENTER">Clear the Blear: Wellness for Neck & Shoulders</P>

    Get your shoulders and upper back unstuck and give them the gift of great posture!

    Add Clear the Blear: Neck & Shoulders version to your order and start releasing hard as rocks neck muscles today.


    1. Body Awareness: Gravity at the Desk
    2. Get Your Shoulders UnStuck
    3. Head on Neck Alignment Moves


    • Doozie Wrist Stretches E-Book
    • Supported Relaxation Mini-Program
    • Coming soon - The Office Blahs Movement Sessions
    • 5 Breath Mastery Techniques to Help You Sail through the Day E-Book
    • Lunch ‘n’ Learn Ergonomic Presentations Library

    $39 USD

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